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What does the SIAMU do?

What does the SIAMU? - the fire brigade of the Brussels-Capital Region
Originally, the firefighter's only task was to fight fires. The list of missions now entrusted to the fire services has expanded considerably.

As the name indicates, the Fire Brigade and Emergency Medical Service of the Brussels-Capital Region takes care of all emergency medical assistance (acting as ambulance drivers and attendants) as well as various missions involving technical assistance, pollution clearance or flood assistance.  In addition to this, there is all the work related to prevention.

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In 2005, the Brussels firefighters dealt with 2,691 fires. This is an average of six fires a day.
In addition, there were almost 7,000 various interventions (for reasons other than fire).

The SIAMU ambulances went out more than 55,000 times during 2004, that is over 150 ambulances a day.

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