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Fire drill ? What to do ?

Fire drill ? What to do ? SIAMU/DBDMH - the fire brigade of the Brussels-Capital Region
Information on evacuation drills: legal stipulations, guidelines, internal assessment guide, document to be submitted to SIAMU...


The evacuation drill has three purposes:

  • Getting people to adopt safe behaviour in the event of fire or a life-threatening incident;
  • Testing the efficiency of the instructions to be followed in the event of fire or an incident;
  • Facilitating the intervention of the emergency services in the event of an actual incident.

Basic principles

  • Checking that evacuation routes are not obstructed. This must be done prior to every evacuation drill.
  • Checking that the alert and alarm systems are working properly.
  • Setting the date and time of the evacuation drill together with the responsible parties (management, SIPPT).
  • Everyone must be notified in advance.
  • The instructions must be given in advance to all persons to be evacuated.
  • When the evacuation signal sounds, everyone must:
    • Stop what they are doing
    • Disconnect any equipment that could pose a threat
    • Close all cupboards
    • Close all windows
    • Leave their room, workshop or office
    • Close but not lock all doors behind them
    • Follow the instructions of the members of staff of the private fire-fighting service
    • Avoid any lifts during the evacuation
  • After the evacuation signal has sounded, the members of staff of the private fire-fighting service on the floor in question must:
    • Check that everyone has left the floor, room, workshop or office
    • Check that no one has been left behind in the toilets or another isolated space, such as storerooms, filing rooms or darkrooms
    • Check that all windows and doors are closed
    • Check that all persons who have been evacuated go to the assembly point and that these persons are counted.
      Every departmental head must know the members of staff in his or her department.
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