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Education & training

Online services - Education & training
Online services with regard to education and  training in the Brussels-Capital Region

Education in the Brussels-Capital Region

As a Community matter, education in Brussels is the responsibility of the Flemish and French Communities. Subsidised schools therefore belong to either the French-speaking or Dutch-speaking network.

Vocational and adult education

For French speakers

The Dorifor database of Bruxelles Formation (FR) focuses on courses for French-speaking adults in Brussels.

The efp runs courses for SMEs

The SIEP (Service d'Information sur les Etudes et les Professions à Bruxelles et en Wallonie) provides information about courses and jobs in Brussels and Wallonia.

For Dutch speakers

The VDAB and the portal on education of the Flemish Authorities,, present a general survey of vocational training courses, including those in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Syntra Brussel has a wide range of training courses for businesspeople.

Training courses for jobseekers

Actiris provides free online training courses (e-learning) intended for all job seekers registered with Actiris.

Office software

PC-Skills is a training platform with regard to office software.


Brulingua is a language training platform.

ICT jobs and courses in Brussels

Evoliris, the Brussels-Capital Region’s ICT professional reference centre, lists ICT jobs and courses in Brussels, tailored to the various target groups: 14-17-year-olds, 18-21-year-olds, jobseekers, active ICT staff.

Extracurricular courses

See the online Social Guide for training bodies for French speakers.

For Dutch speakers, the Flemish Community Commission has its own database of courses in Brussels. Sociocultural courses are listed on the website 'Prettig Geleerd'.

Mobility - transport plans for schools

In order to promote sustainable mobility among the inhabitants of Brussels, the Brussels-Capital Region has introduced transport plans, including for schools, which have to make a school mobilty pre-assessment every .
three years.

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