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Solidarity platform Brussels Helps

All the authorities of the Brussels Region join forces on the same solidarity platform.  
The VGC, Muntpunt, BRUZZ, together with the Brussels Region, the COCOF, the COCOM and the municipalities are joining forces. 
From now on, in the Brussels Region, a single platform, Brussels Helps, supported by all the authorities, allows individuals to offer their help or to ask for help during the health crisis. This will strengthen the solidarity between the people of Brussels.
On 18 March, the Flemish Community Commission (VGC), Muntpunt and BRUZZ launched the trilingual online platform "Brussels helps" to offer help during the Corona crisis. The aim of this platform is to bring citizens together: Brussels people who need help during the coronavirus crisis and Brussels people who voluntarily offer help to those in need.
Joining forces
The website gathers all requests. You can also see how you can contribute. Those who need help can submit their request discreetly. A back-office coordinates French and Dutch-speaking requests and offers of assistance. The staff will examine each request for assistance and each offer in order to put the volunteers in contact with those who need help. BRUZZ will help to announce the actions, both by radio and online. 
Going to the pharmacy, shopping or making a phone call
How does it work? Those who need assistance can fill out a form on the platform. Those who want to offer help, can apply as a volunteer. Making a phone call, going shopping, going to the pharmacy, drawing a picture... anything is possible. 
Organisations in need of specific assistance, such as the creation of mouth masks or a childcare service, can also visit this site, in consultation with the back office.