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Persons with reduced mobility

The Brussels-Capital Region and persons with reduced mobility
Mobility difficulties, loss of independence, sight or hearing troubles... Anyone can be confronted with a disability, either permanent or temporary. The Brussels-Capital Region is committed to guaranteeing access to the public space for all users. That means creating the conditions that allow everyone to participate in the social, cultural and economic activities of their choosing, in an independent and convenient way.

The Brussels Region has developed adapted transport and specific facilities (FR/NL) to guarantee improved mobility for all, such as escalators in metro stations, tactile paving and audible signals at pedestrian crossing, taxis equipped for wheelchair access, travel assistance in the metro or in the train, door-to-door transport service of the STIB/MIVB for disabled persons (TaxiBus) ...

Visit the section of Bruxelles Mobilité dedicated to persons with reduced mobility (FR/NL).

Social carpooling

The 'Centrale des Moins Mobiles (CMM)'  is a service set up by the communes or the CPAS. It provides transport facilities to low-income persons with reduced mobility (FR/NL).