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Urban renewal

The Direction de la Rénovation Urbaine is actively involved in urban development, fighting against blots on the landscape and working to repair the urban tissue.
The Direction de la Rénovation urbaine (DRU, urban renewal directorate) works to eradicate eyesores and repair the urban fabric as part of an active approach to urban development strengthening social cohesion.

The DRU at Bruxelles Développement urbain looks to create synergy between all actors involved in implementing its programmes and proposes regulatory amendments to develop and optimise urban renewal instruments.

The work of the Administration is based on management of the following operational programmes:

  • Sustainable Neighbourhoods contracts, which support the development of projects to improve housing, local amenities, shops and products. They are also used for projects to adapt the public space and projects to revitalise neighbourhoods in terms of socioeconomics and environment
  • Renovation of isolated buildings owned by the communes and the CPAS, by granting subsidies for the production of housing
  • Combatting abandoned buildings by giving financial assistance to Communes that buy, renovate and use these properties mainly as housing stock
  • Monitoring the rental management of buildings owned by the Communes or the Centres Publics d'Action Sociale (CPAS), renovated with regional subsidies
  • Monitoring the financial aspects of urban renewal projects undertaken by
  • Participating in other projects: Réseau Habitat,
  • Public information and awareness raising


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