Help for the young

Help services for the young
Official services for the young provide help to anyone – children, youths, parents or family – who feels the need to talk and those facing special problems. These include adoption assistance, support requests, assistance in the community, protection services and support after a court order.

On the website of the Common Community Commission you can find the protection services for young people in Brussels (FR/NL).

For French speakers

The website of the 'Direction générale de l'Aide à la Jeunesse' of the French Community of Belgium (FR) provides a wide range of information for young people, families and youth work professionals.

For Dutch speakers

  • The website (NL) gathers and coordinates information about the Flemish youth assistance services sector.
  • The 'Centra voor Algemeen Welzijn' (Centres of General Well-being (NL) also provide support and advice, and will be able to refer you to the right youth service.
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