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Homegrade is the housing advice and support centre in the Brussels-Capital Region. It is intended for all hourseholds, tenants and owners wanting to improve the quality of their homes.

Homegrade's missions are defined in the "Management contract between the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region and the Homegrade non-profit association - 2017-2022".

Homegrade is described as a stakeholder with field expertise that can support Brussels households in improving the quality of life in their homes and reducing their environmental impact in the broad sense, primarily through the "energy prism".

The first principle of Homegrade's intervention is to provide neutral, impartial, complete, transversal and up-to-date information on a range of housing-related matters, so that everyone, whether owner or tenant, can find sustainable housing in the Brussels Region. The aim is to promote or encourage the renovation of housing, the reduction of its ecological impact, the preservation and maintenance of the heritage, access to housing and the rational use of energy.

The association also assists citizens with their technical, administrative and financial procedures. In addition to these reactive and proactive information and support missions, by promoting direct contact Homegrade aims to encourage citizens to take action by various means, including home visits. logo