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Minister for Administrative Simplification

Administrative simplification concerns all our Brussels, regional and local administrations and public service bodies. The objective of the Minister for Administrative Simplification is to improve service to citizens and entrepreneurs in Brussels who use public services.

The dematerialization of administrative media, virtual counters, online service platforms are all means put in place for more fluidity and transparency of interactions between users and services. Administrative simplification is therefore inseparable from a accompanied digital transition.

Minister Bernard Clerfayt, in charge of Administrative Simplification, considers that these essential developments require support to promote the digital inclusion of all.

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The public service agency Easybrussels ensures transversality and makes operational the policy initiated by the Minister. Meeting the needs of administrations while placing the user at the centre of the administrative relationship is the vision of the Minister.

Administrative simplification measures:

  • Since 1 January 2021, the principle of single data collection has been applied. The citizen must no longer request and provide the same document several times, this is the principle established by the Once Only Order.
  • Simplifying administrative procedures also means helping Brussels residents who are furthest from digital technology to become familiar with online services. The Digital Ownership Plan articulates all the means to support and train target audiences.
  •, is accessible since May 2021 to ensure transparency of financial flows of Brussels public administrations. What are the amounts paid out as grants? Which non-profit organisations and companies received the most subsidies? What are the current public contracts by periods? Etc.
  • Public service agents are trained to support citizens in the digitization of services (161 agents participating in 2021).
  • The Regional Web Strategy will simplify and harmonize the offer of regional web services (platforms and websites), putting the user at the centre of concerns. The redesign of the Region’s website giving access to 13 thematic portals, rather than 200 different sites, will be easier for everyone.
  • Ramp-up of IRISbox, the gateway for all regional and local services (720,000 procedures completed in 2021). Moreover IRISbox will give access to eBox for the exchange of letters with the administrations.
  • Introduction of e-invoicing in public procurement since 1 November 2020. The flow is almost automated, it is faster and safer. (23,332 electronic invoices received)

Above, we have listed only those actions which illustrate the evolution of direct services to citizens. This policy requires an internal strategy of services whose aspects are more technical. This global strategy is set out in the plan «Easy Way, vers une Région bruxelloise simplifiée» published by