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The Brussels-Capital Region reacts to racism.
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With an impressive diversity of citizens, ideas, cultures, talents and identities, Brussels is a decidedly multicultural and heterogeneous metropolis.

Its dense population encompasses all social classes, with a significant inflow of persons from other countries or other regions in Belgium.

This diversity represents a crucial asset to the dynamic and potential of our Region, but also a number of challenges in terms of social cohesion and equal opportunities.
Specifically, racism and discrimination based on “racial” criteria (such as nationality, skin colour, ancestry and national or ethnic origin) remain all too present.

It is for this reason that, at the request of the State Secretary for Equal Opportunities, is conducting this communication campaign to encourage Brussels residents to voice their concerns and take action against racism. To take action as victims, but as also as witnesses!

This website is designed to show you the concrete steps you can take against racism, regardless of the way in which you are involved.