Animal welfare: give your opinion

Why does the law change?
Because the world, the mindset and our relationship with animals are changing.
Did you know that the Law on the protection and welfare of animals, approved by the federal government, dates from August 14, 1986 and is still the reference text for the Brussels Region? This law has been amended several times since 1986 and in 2014 the competence passed to the 3 regions. It is essential for the Brussels Region to modernize the legal framework for the protection and welfare of animals on its territory.
Give your opinion!
The Brussels Region wants to draw up its own law, a collection of animal welfare measures, with the support of citizens, who can be the first to indicate what protection and what framework they want. It is an opportunity to examine, clarify and improve the 1986 law, taking into account the changing mindset and sensitivity of any citizen wishing to voice their opinion on this important issue.
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