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Artistic education and activities - Best things in Brussels are free !


Free workshop for whici you need a minimum of prior experience.
GC Kontakt also welcomes sculptors seeking workplaces for a few hours a week.

GC Kontakt (Woluwe-Saint-Pierre)
Phone: +32 (0)2 762 37 74
Online: (NL)

Drawing and Painting

No teacher but discussions with other participants and a coordinator so you can develop your 'art' abilities.

  • GC Den Dam (Auderghem)
    Phone: +32 (0)2 663 89 50
    Online: (NL)
  • GC Kontakt (Woluwe-Saint-Pierre)
    Phone +32 (0)2 762 37 74
    Online: (NL)

Music academies, arts of the spoken word and theatre, dance and fine arts

The courses are organized in academies attached to the following four areas of artistic expression:

  • music
  • arts of the spoken word and theatre
  • dance
  • plastic, visual and spatial arts

On the French-speaking side, enrolment is free under certain conditions.

Information on academies in the section 'Academies and extracurricular education' of this website or from your commune.


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