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Bernard Clerfayt

Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region


  • Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for Employment and Vocational Training, Digital Transition, Local Authorities and Animal Welfare
  • Member of the Board of the French Community Commission (COCOF), responsible for Vocational Training and International Relations
  • Member of the Joint Board of the Common Community Commission (COCOM), responsible for Family Benefits, Public Service, Finance, Budget, External Relations and Film Approval (together with Minister Sven Gatz)

Party membership: DéFI


Botanic Building
Boulevard Saint-Lazare 10, 14th floor, 1210 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)2 517 12 59
Online : (FR/NL)
Fax: +32 (0)2 511 54 64

Office of the Minister


Christophe T'SAS Director of the Office
Cristina AMBOLDI Deputy Director of the Office
Alexandra ROOS Secretary of the Office
Delphine TCHAOUSSOGLOU Assistant to the Minister
Isabelle WIBIN Assistant to the Director of the Office
Isabelle WINANT Assistant to the Secretary of the Office

Central Administration


Press and Communication

Pauline LORBAT Head of the Communication Department
Vincent DOZO Webmaster and Communication Officer
Sonia GHARIANI Community Manager / Content Manager
Karima ALLAOUI Assistant

Budget, Public Service, Transversal Policy

Michel DIERICK Budget Advisor
Thierry MOMMER Public Service Advisor
Samuel DE HERTOGH Staff member
Benhur Yusuf ERGEN Assistant
Paul SCHEERS Assistant

Employment, Vocational Training and International Relations COCOF

Cristina AMBOLDI Deputy Director of the Office, responsible for the Employment-Training Department
Caroline DAUX Employment Advisor
Elvis MIHALOWITCH Staff Member Work
Yousra EL ASRI Staff Member Work
Roland SARTON Training Advisor
Adeline REMY Staff Member Training
Budget Advisor
Laure MATTYS Assistant

Digital Transformation and Administrative Simplification

Esteban BAEZ HELLER Head of the Department
Patricia ABARCA de la FUENTE Advisor
Margaux JANSSENS Staff Member

Local Authorities

Anne-Julie WILCOX Head of Department
Laurence FABIANI Advisor
Camille HALLET Staff Member
Myriam MAERGERMAN Assistant

Animal Welfare

Angélique DEBRULLE Head Animal Welfare
Ashley DE BACKER Staff Member

Family Allowances, Film control (COCOM)

(Responsabilities shared with Minister Sven Gatz)

Laurent FRIPPIAT Staff Member

General Affairs

Isabelle DE VISSCHER Head of Department
Adèle GORGEMANS Staff Member
Matthieu PILLOIS Staff Member


Marc WEBER External Strategy Coordinator
Jennifer DEKOSTER Translator
Sigrid JANSSENS Translator
Christophe NOCENT Staff Member Administration
Yolanda CAMBON DIAZ Staff Member Household
Laetitia GELPKENS Staff Member Maintenance
Laurence BARBIER Staff Member Maintenance
Imed CHETIOUI Staff Member Reception Desk
Yanni SHAIR Staff Member Reception Desk
Cem HAZAR Chauffeur

Information provided by the Office of the Minister on 1 September 2021