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The communal bodies

What communal bodies are responsible for matters of organisation and management?
As a political authority, the commune has a lot of autonomy to exercise its powers on its own territory. In return it is subject to the control of the Government of the Region, through Bruxelles Pouvoirs Locaux (FR/NL).

A commune is essentially organised and managed by three bodies.

  1. The Council is composed of councillors elected every six years in communal elections. These councillors vote on communal regulations and orders, the budget and the accounts. They also elect the portfolio holders who, together with the leader of the council (the mayor or burgomaster) make up the communal executive. The council meets at least ten times a year and is chaired by the mayor. The date, time and place of council meetings must be made public by a notice at the town hall, together with the agenda, which is determined by the communal executive, although every member of the council can add an extra item of business. Votes are by absolute majority. Except when a close session is required council meetings are public. Citizens can attend but cannot take part in the debates.
  2. The Communal executive is tasked with the daily management of the commune. It exercises it powers collectively. In other words, every member of the communal executive is responsible for the decisions and documents of that communal executive. If any matter requires special preparation this work can be entrusted to one or more portfolio holders, who are chosen by and from the councillors.
  3. The mayor is chosen by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region from among the councillors. The mayor has a number of duties:
    • chairing the council and the communal executive;
    • signing the regulations and decisions of the council and the communal executive, as well as the commune’s publications, documents and correspondence;
    • as the official responsible for the communal registers, ensuring that these are properly updated;
    • participation in the police panel;
    • responsibility for the application of federal laws and regional orders at the local level.

Brussels Local Authorities

On the website Brussels Local Authorities you can find detailed information on the structure of the commune (FR/NL).

Information updated on 1st December 2020

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