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What to do in the event of a fire?

What to do in the event of a fire? - the fire brigade of the Brussels-Capital Region
Here are a few guidelines in the event of a fire. Reacting properly can help avoid the worst!
  • Alert the fire brigade by dialling 100 (or 112)
  • Alert all the occupants
  • Close all doors behind you, as well as windows along the way. Fresh air kindles fire
  • Leave the building immediately
  • Never use the lift
  • Never open a warm door. There is a fire behind it!
  • Do not take anything with you
  • Do not run
  • Never turn back
  • If you are encircled by fire, make sure you can be seen at the window!
  • Check that all the other occupants have left the building. Inform the firefighters of the situation when they arrive
  • Keep a wet cloth over your mouth: smoke and combustion gases can suffocate you
  • Stay as close to the ground as possible: you will see better and there is more oxygen
  • Always keep your hand against the wall, then you will not be disoriented by the smoke
  • Block up the cracks around doors, if possible with wet cloths, to stop smoke getting in
  • Treating burns: water first, the rest later!
    Rinse burns abundantly with cold water until the emergency services arrive