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IRISbox, the online one-stop shop to Brussels

IRISbox, your online one-stop shop to Brussels
Did you know that many of the Brussels municipal and regional services are available online via

IRISbox, your e-government service in Brussels

No more queues at the registration desks or waiting on the phone. You can now turn to the internet to get your chores done, as IRISbox provides 24/7 access to these services at the click of a button.

A one-stop shop for residents and businesses

IRISbox offers a range of online services for both residents (for example in your municipality) and self-employed and businesses.

This subsection provides a list of online services available on IRISbox: services of the municipalities and regional services or services of community instutions of the Brussels-Capital Region.

How to access IRISbox and configure your computer

You can access the electronic one-stop shop at

You need the following to be able to use IRISbox:

  • your electronic ID card (eID) and pin code
  • an SmartCard reader (to read your eID) installed on your computer
  • the following computer software:
    • Java
    • a PDF reader..

Is your computer IRISbox-ready?

  1. Check first if Java is installed on your computer.
  2. Then run the configuration test on the IRISbox home page.

Made in Brussels!

IRISbox is a service developed by the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC).

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