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A grant for owner-occupiers in Brussels


Are you the owner-occupier of a property in Brussels? Discover the grant BE HOME, one of the measures of the fiscal reform.

Owner-occupiers in Brussels are entitled to the grant BE HOME of €120.

The grant BE HOME forms a part of the fiscal reform, as defined in the Coalition Agreement of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region. This fiscal reform aims to make taxes in the Region simpler, more equitable and more favourable for Brussels residents. An important element of this reform concerns a tax shift from labour to property.

Due to this tax shift, living and working in the Brussels-Capital Region will become more interesting from an economic viewpoint. As such, the Brussels Government intends to achieve sustainable funding, so that it can continue to invest in its citizens in the long run.

One of the measures in the context of this reform is an increased tax on real estate. To compensate this augmentation, owners occupying their own property may benefit from the grant BE HOME (one grant per household yearly).

For more information on the grant BE HOME (FR/NL) and the fiscal reform (FR/NL), please go to the website of Brussels Fiscality.

Brussels Fiscality – Department of Client Management