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Brussels for all

Many attractions, accommodation and public transport facilities are designed with persons with reduced mobility and the less able in mind.
Brussels is a welcoming place even if you find it difficult to get around on your own. Many attractions, accommodation and public transport facilities are designed with persons with reduced mobility in mind.

Public transport everyone can use

STIB, which runs public transport for Brussels, invests hefty sums to ensure everyone is able to use its network (FR/NL). As things stand, all metro stations have a braille map and tactile floors to help the visually impaired to find their way, while 23 metro stations are wheelchair-friendly. The new trams and buses have low floors and automatic access ramps.

If you need to get somewhere not served by public transport, you can call the STIB minibus service (FR/NL). This door-to-door service is available between 6.30 am and 11 pm Monday to Friday. You can also book one of the hundreds of special taxis for wheelchair users (FR/NL).

Visit the city without obstacles

Bruxelles pour Tous is a guide in French for visitors with a disability (FR). It includes details on the accessibility of various activities, cultural events, hotels, restaurants, car parks, public toilets and transport in Brussels. International standards and symbols are used throughout the guide.

"Steden anders bekeken - Brussel inclusief" is a website in Dutch and French that wants to bring the capital’s cultural heritage within reach (NL) of persons with reduced mobility and those with a mental or physical disability. It publishes information on museums, activities, walks and trips that everyone can enjoy.

On the website of you can find a section dedicated to persons with reduced mobility.

The website of the Brussels Museums is another source of information about activities open to disabled persons.

Provelo organises bike trips throughout the city. Several bikes specially designed for handicapped persons (FR/NL) (including tandems and trikes) are also available.

Practical Brussels

Besides Bruxelles pour Tous, you can also find information on accessibility to restaurants on the website and accessibility to hotels on the website of

The Accessible Travel Info Point service publishes a brochure detailing disability-friendly stays in Flanders and Brussels. Various information brochures are available for download from the Info Point’s website, including walks and days trips in Brussels specially conceived for persons with reduced mobility.

Disability and sport – a perfect match

Both the Flemish Community Commission and ADEPS run sports activities for disabled persons.

For French speakers

For Dutch speakers

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