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Céline Fremault

Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for economy, employment, scientific research and foreign trade


  • Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for Housing, Quality of Life, Environment and Energy
  • Minister, Member of the Board of the French Community Commission (COCOF), responsible for Family, Disabled Persons, Social Action and International Relations
  • Member of the Joint Board of the Common Community Commission (COCOM), responsible for Family and Family Benefits, Disabled Persons, Social Action and Anti-Poverty Policy

Party membership: cdH


Rue Capitaine Crespel 35, 1050 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)2 5087911
Fax: +32 (0)2 514 48 60
Online: (FR)

Office of the Minister

Stéphane NICOLAS Director of the Office
François TOLLET


Juliette FONTAINE Assistant to the Director of the Office
Christelle KAMANGO Secretary to the Minister
Dominique HONHON (*) Secretary to the Minister


Anne-Stéphanie RENSON Head of Department
Brussels Regional Public Service (BRPS) - Brussels Urban Development
SLRB (Brussels-Capital Region Housing Company), Housing Fund, SISP (Public Service Real-Estate Companies), Alliance Habitat
Lionel de BRIEY Housing Allocations, Brussels Urban Development, Re-housing Allocations, Tenancy, CLTB, AIS (Social Real-Estate Companies)
Nathalie ZOCASTELLO (**) Tenancy, Housing Allocations, Housing Code, Unoccupied and unsanitary Housing, Housing Diversity, Temporary and Emergency Housing, CIL (Housing Information Center)
Naïma GHANMI (**) SLRB (Brussels-Capital Region Housing Company, Beliris, SISP (Public Service Real-Estate Companies), Renovation of social Housing
Marcel NGUIDJOE (**) AIPL (Association for Integration through Housing), PCS (Social Cohesion Project), AIS (Social Real-Estate Companies)
Philippe BOLAND (**) Social Housing Construction Policy, Planning Permission
(see also General Policy)
Fatima EL HACHMIOUI Secretariat


Caroline VINCKENBOSCH (**) Head of Department
Jean-Bernard CUVELIER (**) Noise, GSM Waves, Building Energy Performance
Florence DE BROUWER Energy Market, Energy Premiums, URL (Rational Energy Usage), Renewable Energy
Youssouf BADY (*) Energy Market, Energy Premiums, URL (Rational Energy Usage), Renewable Energy
Livia SPEZZANI Waste, Circular Economy)
Jolien DE TROCH (*) (**) Agriculture, Sustainable Food, Environmental Education, Belgian, European and international environmental dossiers
Stéphane VAN WIJNSBERGHE (**) Biodiversity, Urban Green, Nature, Soil
Julien GUILLAUME (**) Climate and Air Quality
Eric MANNES (**) Water, Blue Network
Nour KOUMI Administrative Support, Local project calls "Sustainable City"
Virginie ROLIN Environmental disputes

General Policy

Martin DE DREE (**) Head of Department
Budget, Taxation, Crèches, Families
Nico PATELLI Security, SIAMU (Fire-fighting and urgent medical help), Arms, Cults, Animal Welfare, Foreign Trade, Development Cooperation,
Economy, Employment, Trade, FEDER Fund
Nathalie BAVASTRO (**) Budget, Taxation, Scientific Research
Philippe BOLAND (**) Spatial Planning, Planning Permissions, Port of Brussels, Urban Renewal, Regional Characteristics
(see also Housing)
Sandrine CNAPELINCKX (**) Equal Opportunities women/men, Diversity
Renaud PRIOUX (**) Mobility-transport, Road Safety, Subway
Muriel KOCH Local Authorities, Public Office, Informatics (BRIC)
Benoît GOSSELIN (*) Sporting, Brussels' Image


Adel LASSOULI (*) Head of Department
Katherine JACOBS Press Secretary
Morgane DELFOSSE (*) Graphic Design
Claudia NIBELLE Webdesign and social media

French Community Commission (COCOF) - Common Community Commission (COCOM)

Laurent HACKEN Deputy Director of the Office
Head of Department
Tourism (Region)
Etienne COPPIETERS (**) Disabled People, School Transport
Reference Person disabled People
Gaëlle VALCKE (**) Disabled Person, Education
Laura WAUTERS Social Work, Families, Senior Citizens
General Policy: Social Cohesion, Crèches

Martin DE DREE (**) Social Work: Newcomers, Bi-community Crèches
Philippe HENRY de GENERET (**) CPAS (Public Centres for Social Assistance), Civil Service (COCOM), IRIS Hospitals, Rest Homes - State Reform, Health (COCOF and COCOM)
Anne-Michèle WAUTHIER (*) Family Allowances
Alex ELSIER (*) CPAS (Public Centres for Social Assistance)
Julien MILQUET Culture, Vocational Training, Poverty and the Homeless, International Relations
Rocco VITALI Assistance to People seeking Justice, Poverty, Homeless
Maïlys KAHN (**) 6th State Reform (COCOM)
Laurence VANMECHELEN Secretariat

Private Secretariat

Cécile ROBA Head of Department
Bernadette BEECKMANS (*) Public Relations
Sylvie MBOMBO Social Department / Citizen and non-profit contact
Fatima MOUSSAOUI (*) Social Department / Citizen and non-profit contact

Secretariat of the Office

Brigitte DELALUNE (**) Secretary of the Office
Carine LOMBA (*) Human Resources
André TOUSSAINT (*) IT Consultant
Bernard DE WREEDE (**) Indicator
Helmut VAN POELVOORDE Translator
Wouter VAN DEN BOSSCHE (*) Translator
Patricia SMAL Operator
Rebecca GERRITS (*) Operator
Pierre de LANTSHEERE Operator
Maria MARQUES Upkeep
Sabira KOVACEVIC Upkeep
Yasir QORCHI Driver
Mustapha ABDELLAOUI Driver

(*) part-time collaborator
(**) seconded from an administration

Reporting of the mandates of Fremault’s cabinet advisors (.xls) (29.00K) (FR/NL)

Information provided by the Office of the Minister on 22 March 2018