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The Brussels energy regulator

BRUGEL has been assigned the task of providing advice to the public authorities on the organisation and functioning of the regional energy market, and in general of monitoring and ensuring compliance with the relevant ordinances and decrees. For a comprehensive list of the regulator's tasks, please refer to the Electricity Ordinance.

BRUGEL has also set out strategic commitments towards an efficient market, a smart grid and stringent consumer protection.

BRUGEL consists of two entities:

  • A Board of Directors, consisting of the Chair and four directors appointed by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region for a term of 5 years (renewable once). Two commissioners appointed by the regional Government attend the Board meetings as observers without voting rights.
  • A team of about twenty advisers and assistants.

BRUGEL provides the following services for Brussels consumers:

  • Managing the green certificates and the guarantees of origin
  • Granting the status of 'protected customer'
  • Filing complaints related to the Brussels energy market to the BRUGEL dispute resolution service.

BRUGEL also offers the following tools:

  • BRUSIM allows to compare energy prices and switch supplier.
  • Greencheck allows you to monitor the green component of your electricity supply.


Avenue des Arts 46/14, 1000 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)2 563 02 00
Hotline: 0800 97 198
Phone: +32 (0)2 563 02 13
Online: (FR/NL)