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Easybrussels is the agency responsible for administrative simplification in the Brussels-Capital Region. The goal of Easybrussels is to reduce the administrative burden and simplify the procedures for everyone using public services, whether they are citizens or businesses. Administrative simplification therefore makes it possible to achieve increased efficiency and quality in relations between public services and their users and to meet the needs of today’s society.

To perform its mission, Easybrussels brings together and develops all of the methods for simplification and improvement that are made available by different administrative services. Its role is also to initiate, bring together, and accompany different regional government projects, such as the catalogue of administrative procedures and the e-desk for citizens, or the Small Business Act and the one-stop shop for businesses.

With the goal of pursuing efficient policies and encouraging them within administrative services, the agency is heading up the Steering Committee This platform coordinates and brings together the initiatives and best practices in terms of the administrative simplification of the Brussels Regional Public Service and all the regional bodies such as Actiris, STIB, Bruxelles-Propreté, etc. Easybrussels raises awareness among administrative services and regional as well as local public interest bodies of suitable procedures and themes in connection with administrative simplification, upon which these bodies and administrative services can have a substantial impact. The agency also calls attention to the targets set in the Brussels Plan for Administrative Simplification 2015-2020, which is based on European and federal directives and Brussels decrees. Easybrussels organises training sessions to assist administrative services in evolving with respect to these regulations and offers the administration informative material, such as the “Open Data” brochure.” Pdf-version in Dutch (PDF Format) (0.98 M) or in French (PDF Format) (0.98M).

The Brussels Plan for Administrative Simplification 2015-2020 was implemented by Easybrussels in close cooperation with different regional and federal bodies.

On 11 May 2017, Easybrussels presented its second report to the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region. Read the report (French and Dutch):

View the first government report (French and Dutch.).


Check the Open Data leaflets:

Read the regulation of 27 October 2016 (PDF Format) (72.0K) (French/Dutch) concerning the development of an Open Data policy .

To explore certain themes and offer a wider array of information to these administrative services and bodies, Easybrussels holds annually several conferences. In November 2016, Easybrussels organized a conference concerning digital inclusion.  Read the conclusions and 12 guidelines (in French 1,59M) (in Dutch).


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