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Disclaimer of the Brussels Regional Public Service


The law dated 8 December 1992 regarding the protection of privacy and treatment of personal data and any other relevant legislation in force (hereafter referred to as the Privacy Legislation) are very important to the Brussels Regional Public Service (formerly the Ministry of the Brussels Capital Region). Therefore, whenever electronic correspondence is used, the ‘legal corner’, of which this Privacy Statement is an inextricable part, will be pointed out to the user.

The Brussels Regional Public Service (BRPS) will only use your data in accordance with the Privacy Legislation. The BRPS may use your personal data (now, or in the future) to send you informative newsletters, information about events organised by the BRPS and its official partners. Your data may be transferred to third parties or partners for informational or security purposes.

The Brussels Regional Public Service (BRPS) has taken any possible legal and technical precautions to avoid unauthorised access and use of these data. Consequently, the BRPS shall in no event be liable for identity theft, data theft or IT crimes. In the event its IT systems are hacked, it will immediately take all possible measures to reduce damage and/or theft to a minimum.

What personal data are collected?

For the application of the Privacy Law, 'personal data' are taken to mean all information relating to an identifiable natural person. Identifiable is taken to mean any person who can be directly (or indirectly) identified by means of an ID number or an element that characterises his or her physical, physiological, psychic, economic, cultural or social identity.

The personal data must be processed fairly and lawfully, they must be obtained for a certain, explicitly described and justified purpose, they must be sufficient, relevant and not excessive, they must be accurate and come in a form that makes it possible to identify the person involved.

The following details are processed: the first name and surname of the contact person, the e-mail address, the contents of the message, the time (date and hour), the headers of the e-mail message and the physical addresses mentioned. By contacting the BRPS, you agree to this lawful collection of data.

Who is responsible for the data processing?

The Brussels Capital Region (Cabinet of the Minister-President, Hertogstraat/rue du Duc 7-9, 1000 Brussels) is the legal entity responsible for using the personal data of the user, although the BRPS (insert name of the actual person/unit manager, Brussels Regional Public Service, Kruidtuinlaan/ boulevard du Jardin Botanique 20, 1035 Brussels) acts as the party responsible for processing.

The actual processor of the BRPS, the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC, Kunstlaan/avenue des Arts 21, 1000 Brussels), also offers sufficient safeguards with regard to the technical and organisational security measures in connection with the processing to be carried out.

What are the rights of the user?

The BRPS collects or processes identity data with regard to electronic correspondence mainly to offer information and to guarantee the IT security.

The user can object to this at any time by contacting the BRPS at the following address: Brussels Regional Public Service, care of the Complaints Service (Service des Plaintes/Klachtendienst), Boulevard du Jardin Botanique/kruidtuinlaan 20, 1035 Brussels. The request must be sent by registered letter. A copy of the request can be sent by e-mail, fax or any other (electronic) means of communication. The original request should always be sent by registered letter. The BRPS therefore complies with the provision set out above.

The user always has a legal right to fully or partially supplement, correct or remove his/her personal data. The actual processor for the BRPS, the Informatics Centre, undertakes to follow up the request within 15 working days. To that end, the user can send a written request by registered mail to the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC), Kunstlaan/avenue des Arts 21, 1000 Brussels. A copy sent by fax or e-mail is welcome.

When proving his/her identity, the user is entitled to obtain the necessary information about the processing of his/her personal data on request. Incorrect or incomplete details can always be corrected by sending a letter (see details above).

Are the data of the user used outside the EU?

By virtue of Section 21 of the Privacy Law dated 8 December 1992, personal data may only be passed to countries that guarantee a similar, suitable level of protection and that observe the same or similar provisions of the Privacy Law. The country, duration of transfer and storage, nature of the data and exact purposes are all criteria that must be examined for each individual case.

The Brussels Capital Region guarantees that it does not process details to or store them in countries that cannot offer the same guarantees, except:

  • when the person involved has given his explicit consent;
  • when the transfer is required for the execution of the agreement (between the user and the BRPS);
  • when the transfer is required for the conclusion or execution of an agreement concluded or to be concluded between the party responsible for processing and a third party, in the interest of the user;
  • when the transfer is required or compulsory by law (major general interest or right);
  • When the transfer is made from a public register intended to inform the public.

Does the BRPS take precautions against identity theft and hacking?

To ensure the safety of your electronic communication, the BRPS collaborates with authorised IT partners (such as the BRIC). The BRPS (through its technical partners) will store the identity data for two years in a database environment. The BRPS takes every possible and relevant precaution and, as such, it acts as a normal, forward-looking and meticulous party.

Questions or complaints?

Should you have questions or complaints about this e-mail or about the privacy or safety checks, please contact the Complaints Service of the Brussels Regional Public Service.

Contact info:

Brussels Regional Public Service
care of the Complaints Service (Service des Plaintes/Klachtendienst)
Boulevard du Jardin Botanique/Kruidtuinlaan 20, 1035 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)2 800 37 54